Remap a Keyboard Key for Middle Mouse Click and Drag

Is there a way to remap the F1 key to perform the function of the middle mouse for something like clicking and dragging with the middle mouse? I downloaded the trial version and was able to set a key sequence of F1 to “Trigger Predefined Action” of “Middle Click” but it does not seem to be holding the middle mouse button down for the duration of me holding down the F1 key. Did I set this up incorrectly?

I am a quadriplegic in a wheelchair with limited use of my hands. I am using the 3d software Maya and it requires a 3 button mouse. I am on a Mac Pro and I was able to remap a key within Maya’s Hotkey editor for the middle mouse button but this only works for panning in a camera view. Unfortunately, it does not work for panning in Maya’s Hypershade or in Arnold’s Render view, both places I could use more ability.

I saw a mention of this app in an Apple forum and hoping someone can please help me get it work.

Thank You


It's a bit complicated to set up because you need separate actions and triggers for mouse down and mouse up, but it should work like this: (you can just click the import button)

It does not work for me. I am using the custom action on a 2018 MacBook Pro 15" running the latest version of BTT (updated July 23, 2019). Middle mouse click and drag does nothing in apps. I have tried in Safari with an online CAD app called Onshape and through Parallels with SolidWorks. There must be something that can be done that works??

The actions and triggers did not work for me by themselves, but I added between them a "remember mouse position" and then "move mouse to new position" trigger, using the position as relative to the saved position (in my case, for a left drag, it was X=10, Y=0). That worked like a charm. I'm able to duplicate a click-and-drag behavior.