Release notes typo

3.951 update release note:

  • Added "Activate Specific Window" action, which let's you activate a window by it's title.

lets not let's. it not it's.

The app Grammarly catches this stuff.

its not it

hehe stupid typos, thanks for reporting!

Always a classic to missspell a correction :wink:

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I respect the chaos of life. It gets us all.

There's also the occasional "it's" in BTT itself. For example, both descriptions of the Trigger Menubar Menu-Item and Trigger Context Menu-Item Action Configurations have this understandable excess of punctuation.

I think it's a very exclusive club of people who would ever see it, of course. :slight_smile:


You are both kind and generous, and we are all the better for your bringing that way of being to the party.