Regression: Latest BetterTouchTool interferes with Karabiner-Elements

Recently BTT regulary stops working, meaning defined shortcuts and trackpad gestures do not trigger anymore. If I quit Karabiner-Elements then BTT starts working again. Starting Karabiner-Elements afterwards does not interfere with BTT though.
After I while, I asume when putting mac to sleep, BTT stops working again. Restarting Karabiner fixes the BBT issue. This has not been the case with earlier versions of BTT. I am a long term user of BTT and Karabiner. 5+ years.

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro 13 2017 Touchbar
  • macOS version: Mojave
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.149

Do you possibly have this option enabled:

Some users have reported gestures do not working after waking from sleep until restarting BTT manually, I currently suspect this option could be the problem.

Nope the option is disabled. I did not change much in the last month, except updates of BTT. My Karabiner version is 12.5.0 from June 10th. I am willing to test Karabiner 12.4.0 ...

I don't think this is related to Karabiner at all, I think it will also happen without Karabiner after sleep (on affected systems).

Could you maybe open the BTT preferences, then in the main menubar help menu click the "Export Debug Information" button and send the resulting folder to ? The logs will probably help me.

But somehow restarting Karabiner influences this.

That's very interesting (although I do not yet understand how Karabiner would affect BTT), but I think restarting BTT would also make it work again.

Infact, the opposite is the case. Restarting a working BTT breaks BTT. Then restarting Karabiner fixes BTT. So maybe somehow the order of launching these two applications is the key. Good thing is, it is currently reliable reproducable here. Debug Log is on the go ...

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... not sure with restarting BTT, could be the longer launch time of BTT that fooled me right now

Restarting BTT breaks BTT. Then as soon as I open the ui of BTT it is fixed in this scenario. Karabiner running all the time.

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Now I have done the same test without Karabiner running: Restarting BTT breaks BTT. So you are right. Karabiner is only optionally interesting. Opening the BTT ui fixes BTT.

I can reproduce the issue with your debug setup. I think I should have a fix soon (not yet sure what's the issue, but it's definitely there so I should be able to find it :-))


Mhhh on my machine it also starts to work again when switching from the active app to any other app (i.e. I do not need to open the BTT preferences). Is this also the case on your machine?

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Could you check whether v3.152 fixes this for you?

Yes, same here, Switching to another app fixes it. Crazy, that I did not realize this. ^^

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Tested v3.152 . I still need to switch to another app after restart of BTT.

Ah weird. But at least I know where to look. 3.152 seems to have fixed it here, but I'll check again, maybe I missed something..

Do you need logs again?

I had a similar problem after one of the recent updates and 3.152 fixes that for me, though I have to wait a second or two before BTT shortcuts start working again. But maybe it's always been like that and I noticed it just now. :wink:

Update: turns out that's not the case. Maybe I didn't let my laptop fully sleep? Anyway, I still have to change the current app to fix this.

Restart BTT via system tray should put BTT into this mode. No need to test this with sleep.