"Recently Used" - a lifesaver

If you use BTT to set up several actions with the same trigger (for example: the same shortcut), BTT displays a conflict menu from which you can select the desired action. However, the conflict menu mainly indicates that a shortcut has been assigned twice. So far so good.

If I understand correctly, this applies to all BTT triggers except for key sequences. If you (accidentally) set up two identical key sequences, BTT does not display a menu but executes one of the sequences. What is executed is decided by BTT on the basis of certain criteria that are not clear to me.

In such cases, you will notice that something is wrong, but it is difficult to realize what to do to fix the problem.

And now I'm finally getting to the point. :innocent: If something strange happens with a key sequence, it's worth looking at "Recently Used". I just had such a case and might never have found the problem without this new feature.

Of course, I would prefer BTT to show a conflict menu, but if that's not possible, so be it. :slightly_smiling_face: