Rebind and reorder trigger sections

How do I change trigger sections keyboard shortcus so that 1 opens the Keyboard Shortcuts section instead of the Touch Bar section?
Would be nice if I coud also reorder them to make Keyboard Shortcuts the first in the list
Thank you

there is a predefined action to activate a specific trigger category, you can assign it to shortcuts in the keyboard shortcut section.

You can't reorder them but you can hide the ones you don't use in the BTT settings -> user interface

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Thanks, I've already hidden the ones I don't use
Tried an action and limited it to your app "BTTTriggerConditionsReadOnly" : "fingers_touching_trackpad >= 0 AND left_mouse_down == 0 AND BTTActiveAppBundleIdentifier == \"com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool\"",
but it still breaks in other apps.

you wouldn't use a trigger condition for that, instead add BetterTouchTool to the list of apps on the left and add the shortcuts to it instead of adding to "all apps"

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Duh! Why did I go the complicated wrong route :person_facepalming:

Though they seem to bug after I add a new shortcut or enable/disable a shortcut (native shortcuts for switching categories take over), so they break when I need the most - when editing BTT

By the way, it would be even better if you could move 3 most frequently used items as buttons in addition to having a long drop-down list, there is enough space for that and it's more convenient than having to scroll through the list