Random Sporadic High CPU Usage

It seems like after about 20min or so of AQT being enabled, BTT will be consistently consuming 8-15% of my CPU and causing the fan to run loud, and the battery to drain quickly if not plugged in. Is this normal behavior, has anyone else run into this?

I personally was running into this in the past, so ever since AQT 3.5.3 I've mostly been focused on optimisation and efficiency.

Do make sure your AQT is up to date.

It's A LOT better now but still not the best of the best, so I'd really like some detailed feedback in this area if you don't mind!

Also, which apps were you working with and what was shown in the touchbar? (⌘⇧6 to screenshot the touchbar). This would be really helpful for my optimisation work.

And additionally, do you have notification badges enabled? Those currently take some CPU effort to run so reduce the amount you have turned on. I'm working on an update that will run them on javascript instead of applescript which will come in an update in the near future.

I am starting to suspect that maybe it is an interaction with Zoom but I can't be sure. I don't have any notification badges enabled. Next time it happens I'll try to take some screenshots

Hmm, Zoom should be a pretty efficient layout as it has no "active widgets"
do keep track of what's in the touchbar and what apps you're using.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Apparently the experimental cloud-sync can also cause more CPU use, so I disabled that - however even before that the problem seems to have vanished.

interesting, has the problem been resolved?

It seems that way, I'm not sure what did it, but like I said the cloud-sync didn't actually seem to be the fix, just went with it as a precaution

Well thats strange... Do tell me if it pops up again!

Here is an interesting data point. I've started having the same sporadic high CPU usage starting with macOS 10.15.3 and now persisting into 10.15.4 currently running with BTT 3.346 (1554) but I'm not running ATQ. I'm running Golden Chaos. I saw some threads looking for problematic AppleScripts that might be running recursively. I wonder if there is an OS change that is causing this with multiple presets?

Make sure to also check the latest alpha, there have been some performance improvements.

Also make sure to disable experimental iCloud/Dropbox sync if you had that enabled, it does seem to cause issues on some systems and I'm not yet sure why.

I definitely noticed that sometimes AppleScrips were running hard

Some AQT layouts have a lot of applescript widgets that do make the CPU work harder, maybe you've just switched to one of those apps when it happens? Keep an eye on what app is loaded on the touchbar when it happens

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I'm going to rename this and move it to #discussion as it seems to not be an AQT issue, I think I've had this issue myself too where randomly I get 80º for seemingly no reason

Hi there, I am a 9 months user or so of BTT and Aquatouch preset on MacBook 16inch, on Big Sur 11.0.1. Is it true that it is common to have 'random" high CPU (almost 200%, more than 1 core, but total cores perhaps <20%) usage by BTT and pushing the CPU temperature above 80% and having the fans spinning on max.

It happens sometimes when I return to my laptop, wondering what is going on. Clicking on restart BTT solves the issue. Not something I can 'do' to prevent right? (yes, always got the latest updates)

I just started seeing this problem in the last few days, with total CPU spiking to between 150% and 180% for as long as an hour or more at a time before settling down for a little while. This happens whether I'm actively using the computer or not, but is always traceable to BTT.