Random "App Behaviour" Reset Bug

Describe the bug

The application touchbar behaviour resets at random, for random apps. It's causing quite some annoyances out there on AquaTouch...

These show the macOS CS, which shouldn't be showing. (Show MacOS CS, Hide BTT bar)
Apparently it resets to default.

Affected input device: TouchBar

Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MacBook Pro (13-inch, 2017, Four Thunderbolt 3 Ports)
  • macOS version: 10.14.4
  • BetterTouchTool version: 3.065

Mh, did you encounter this yourself or just your users?

Yes, i do encounter this myself sometimes.

does it happen right after using a gesture? I have added one additional check in the latest alpha, but possibly the system "gesture finished" call is not coming through for some reason. Unfortunately I haven't observed this here so far.

Is that for the other thread?


Yes, the gesture bar hang does happen right after. Sliding it again usually fixes it.
As for if the random reset, I'm not sure as it's hard to check every single app to find out when it happens

Just started the free trial of better touch tool and I believe this preset will definitely make me buy I was just wondering, there seems to a be problem with the notification badges. It was good for the first 10 minutes but then suddenly, they disappeared. When I try to open them again (by disabling them the enabling them) they open for a split second then close down. Please help!


Are you talking about AQT?
If so, not sure what could be wrong with the notification badges. I've had another person with the same 'not appearing' issues though he didn't have it working at all.

Does the notification badges in AQT v3.4.0 work for you? If that works, then it might be a BTT issue.

@Andreas_Hegenberg ?

Any luck on this issue? It still seems that people are getting the app behaviour setting randomly reset.

I got a few logs, but in these cases it turned out that the users changed the display mode for the specific app manually (but possibly accidentally)

I haven’t observed any random changes yet. You also don’t have a way to reproduce this, correct?

No not reliably unfortunatley. It does seem to be happening less though...

Maybe the UI has something to do with it, could be a user related action is triggering something in the UI.


Just re-imported my own preset and it happened to a lot of apps/CAGs.

Could be an import issue. Try importing my preset and checking all the app/CAG settings. Everything should be set either to Hide CS, Hide TB or Hide CS, Show TB, except for web widget handlers and the AQT handlers at the top (with black and white icons)

Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg, could you look into this issue? I'm having a lot of problems with this in AQT and it seems to be a BTT issue. What debug information would you need to fix this?

Currently i think its due to importing...

Any information you have would be good.
I'm slowly back to full BTT development, had a lots of things going on the last few weeks :slight_smile: (first baby!)

I will put it high on my TODO list to look into this.

ohh congrats!!
Yeah, make sure to have time with her too!

As for the bug, I’ll probably make a table that lists the before and after import to see whats switching. Other than that I don’t know what i can provide

But otherwise, take your time, it must be both a busy and very exciting time for you!

I'm trying a few things in v3.216 alpha, however I don't expect them to fix the issue as I haven't been able to reproduce it. However this version also adds logs that will help to identify what's wrong.

In case you or any of your users encounter the issue with this BTT version, please got to "Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information" and send the result to andreas@folivora.ai, it should allow me to track down the issue.

Thanks for your help, How are you trying to reproduce this? I think it only really appears on larger presets with lots of conditional activation groups and apps.

I'm working on a spreadsheet file that logs what happens, maybe it might be helpful for you.

Data so far (Haven't logged reinstalls):
BTT debug.numbers.zip (116.7 KB)

I was just reimporting your preset multiple times and checking whether anything changed. (As I haven't heard of similar issues with other presets yet).

Do you know whether it might be connected to having multiple presets loaded in BTT? (Because every preset can have app specific settings, by default BTT uses the ones defined by the master preset - maybe something gets mixed up at some point?)

My users generally only have my preset installed i think, and it seems to still be happening for some. But i can't say for sure that it doesn't cause issues...