Ragrting the mouse in Lightroom Classic to a specific point - not working accordingly

Hi, I started using btt for Lightroom Classic some days ago. I primarily I want to target my mouse to specific points in Lightroom. First of all when I press the spacebar in Lightroom to set up the specific point (x,y) it's not working. So I have to use my finger to remember where the mouse should be, go back to btt an then hit the spacebar. I guess that's not how it should be, but I didn't find out how I can solve this. Furthermore and that's a way bigger problem for me, after some time when I press the shortcut the mouse is jumping to another point, it's not the one I set up at. It's about 1cm above or under the set up point. Has anyone experienced something similar? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the help.

BTT might need the screen recording permission in System Settings -> Security & Privacy to accurately find the position. Can you try that?

Hi, thanks for the quick response, yes this is activated. I restarted Lightroom yesterday, set the points new and it worked. But today again same topic, the mouse is about 1-2 cm too low and is not pointing to the right place.

I currently only have the new lightroom were it seems to work ok.
Is it always offset by a specific absolute amount? Does it work correctly in other apps for you?

Possibly try using the „find image on screen & move mouse“ action instead if the basic mouse moves to not work

Are you using an external display? If so are you scaling it? Which actions are you using exactly?

Also what are you trying to accomplish. There may be a cleaner way to do it in btt other than a mouse move.

Hi, now that I have updated Lightroom everything is working fine:)