Quick switch to most used apps

I was not happy about pressing cmd+tab too many times to change between apps. I got inspired by the Twitcher/Youtube streamer ThePrimeagen and decided to create shortcuts to access my most used apps as fast as possible. I also just recently learned about how people use Caps Lock as a hyper key, so I implemented both ideas.

What I did was very very simple, but I'm loving how much quicker my window management got. I basically defined Caps Lock as a hyper key and created shortcuts for my most used apps.

  • Hyper+A: Browser;
  • Hyper+W: VSCode;
  • Hyper+S: Sublime Text;

See image below.

Then, for tiling:

  • Hyper+1 to make the window occupy the left half,
  • hyper+2 for right half,
  • hyper+3 to maximize, and
  • hyper+4 to almost maximize (100% height and 80% width).

I even turned stage manager off as I feel I don't need it anymore to quickly switch between apps.