Quick Repeat TipTap Left/Right (2 or 3 Fingers Fix)

When I repeat "TipTap Left/Right with 2 or 3 fingers fix" gesture quickly, the command is not responding.
It seems like there's 0.3 - 0.4 seconds delay required for repeated gesture command.
Is there setting option to adjust/disable the delay?

I checked BTT Preferences > Advanced > Trackpad > TipTaps.
But I couldn't find the option to adjust the delay there.

On the other hand, repeating "TipTap Left/Right with 1finger Fix" responds quickly without delay.
So I'm using these gestures to quickly move between tabs on Safari.
But sometimes TipTap with 1 finger can be mistakenly recognized as a normal tap which causes unexpected "open link".

Hopefully I wanna assign "TipTap Left/Right with 2 fingers fix" to switch active tab quickly if there's an available setting option.

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i have same the problem too.
i want solution.

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Yes, I'm having issue with the 2finger fix tip taps. instead of triggering the keyboard shortcut, it will select the word I'm trying to perform the triggered keyboard shortcut on. one finger fix is working fine. I've tried adjusting the tip tap settings in the trackpad settings but nothing is remedying the sitch. thanks


I tried one finger fix,but it did not work fine........
samtime success,samtime failed.why?

sametime -> sometimes

Same here. Sometimes it seems to be working fine, but most of the time not. Would love to be able to tap quickly.