Quick hack for getting the value of fullscreen_active for any app while in full-screen mode?

It seems fullscreen_active not always 0 or 1. Or when YouTube video is fullscreen not the app itself.

I can check for BTT itself by running AppleScript for any arbitrary trigger.

tell me

    get_number_variable "fullscreen_active"

end tell

But how to do it for other apps?


This uses the currently focused window to retrieve the full screen state, so it should also work for other apps

No, I meant I am making BTT fullscreen, then clicking run script button which gives me 1.

But how do I do that for other apps? If other app is fullscreen I obviously can't access BTT. What is the natural debugging process in this case ?

Just for debugging?

You could assign the run apple script action e.g. to a keyboard shortcut

tell application "BetterTouchTool"

   set variableState to get_number_variable "fullscreen_active"

set theDialogText to "Current variable value" & (variableState) & ""
display dialog theDialogText

end tell
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Yes. Thank you. That worked! I simply assigned to variable and display it with keyboard shortcut.