Questions about "Notch Bar"

Okay, so I finally have some time to play around with the "Notch Bar" feature. I tried it out a bit when it was in alpha, but was a bit to bug then so I haven't touched it since..

Just have a few questions, as I seem to be missing what is suppose to be happing when the Notch Bar is in use...

So there is the "Widget Mode" and "Menu Bar" mode..

Why when I have it in "Menu Bar" mode, I can't see any of the menu items for the application in focus? The only way to see the "Apple Logo" "File" "Edit" "View" etc is to switch to "Widget Mode.." but the the menu items are so tiny, and there is a delay when clicking on them..

(They look much smaller on screen lol)

Next, there is a "Widget Mode Test" when in "Widget Mode" (see screenshot above).. How do I get rid of this? I thought maybe adding a Widget would make it go away, but it doesn't and I don't see any option when I right click it to disable it either.

How do I set it up so that I have my usually/familiar Menu Bar (Application Menu Items on the Left and Menu Bar Icons on the right) then when I activate the "Notch Bar" it just drops down like a "shade" over the menu bar with all my custom Buttons/Widgets/etc? And not put the application menu items and menu bar icons into the tiny little line under (or over) the Buttons/Widgets...
Edit: Nevermind about this part; I figured it out using the "Toggle BTT Notch Bars Visible/Hidden" as an Action.. And then not using the "Widget Mode" as that just looks terrible, way to small to be usable. Also having the "Menu Bar Icons" (system status icons) in the notch bar, they are to laggy when opening their menus, even on my M2 MacBook Pro

Also, why is it called "Notch Bar" when it doesn't seem to have anything to do with the "Notch" but more so the menu bar?

Weird, something seems to be wrong there. By default it should have all of these widgets, including a standard menubar widget for menubar mode:

Maybe try to delete any trigger you have for the Notch Bar and try adding a new one. I think it should then add the standard widgets again. Possibly some remains from the alpha versions. Or do you maybe have another, hidden, preset?

It's called NotchBar because it only really works well on screens with a notch due to the menubar being much taller there.

HOWEVER: The upcoming floating menus, which are now "almost" in alpha state (I think next week the first alpha will be released), will eventually replace the Notch Bar as they are really flexible and will be able to do pretty much everything the Notch Bar is doing right now.

I tried deleting the 2 I had there, but the items from your screenshot don't appear to be showing up.

I also tried to click the "Override main templates with latest versions" (even though I never edited anything in the in the past, thought it was worth a shot) but that didn't do anything either.

Relaunched BTT a few times, but still nothing. Can't seem to get rid of the "Widget Mode Test."

Also, I updated my original post with..

I figured it out using the "Toggle BTT Notch Bars Visible/Hidden" as an Action.. And then not using the "Widget Mode" as that just looks terrible, way to small to be usable. Also having the "Menu Bar Icons" (system status icons) in the notch bar, they are too laggy when opening their menus, even on my M2 MacBook Pro*

Using this "Toggle" seems to be good for now. Just need to get rid of the "Widget Mode Test" lol..

I might just wait until that "Floating Menus" feature hits production builds, instead of diving to deep into this "Notch Bar" thing.. I mostly was just messing with it to kill some free time, as I don't really know what I could use it for.. as I pretty much have any "Must Have / Most Use" shortcuts in a Custom Menu Bar Menu (the custom trackpad Icon in my menu bar).

Maybe something is wrong internally. Could you try running this Apple Script (Java Script Syntax) in Apple's Script Editor? Afterwards try reopening the BTT window.

let BetterTouchTool = Application('BetterTouchTool');
BetterTouchTool.delete_triggers({trigger_type: 'BTTTriggerTypeNotchBar'});

Opening menus should not be any different from clicking the original ones - all BTT does is let the click go through to the original menubar.

On the top left select "Java Script" instead of Apple Script

"{\"deleted\": 0}"

Was returned when running it. And the Notch Bar/Custom... section in BTT is empty

But the "Widget Mode Test" is still there...

Very strange!
Could you try to restart BTT once more and add one new trigger to the Notch Bar? If that doesn't help:
Could you send me the debug info? (Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information, to

I sent the .log file..
or do you need the whole folder?

I would need the whole folder to see what's wrong in the database

Sent .zip of folder

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I wonder if it could have something to do with the "Sync" feature.. as the last time I tried the Notch Bar feature in Alpha it was on my Desktop Mac, I probably deleted those "initial" Notch Bar items then... however I'm on one of my MacBook Pros right now...

At least I think that's where I originally tried out the feature; and probably why it didn't work so well because there is no notch w/ that type of Mac :person_shrugging:

For the lagginess I found an issue with the "Right Click Green Window Button" trigger - which you even have disabled but it still causes an issue here. I'll fix that. Currently only deleting the right click green window button triggers will fix the delay.

However I'm not yet sure about the rest. It looks OK here. As soon as I add a new trigger to the Notch Bar, it seems to add the default items.

Ah I think I found the issue.
I forgot to add the function to add the "default items" to the table UI mode you are using.
If you temporarily switch to the column UI mode and add the first trigger there, it should add all the default items.

But in general I think for your use case the floating menus will be much better!

By "replace" I hope you don't mean remove the Notch Bar section? :hot_face:

Most likely it will eventually be removed, but it will automatically be migrated to a floating menu. However this is not coming for a while. First all the rest needs to be stable :slight_smile:

The Notch Bar was a nice experiment, but the floating menus will be able to do all the Notch Bar is doing and be more performant, so it would be stupid to keep both in the long term. The Notch Bar will then just be a "specialized" floating menu, and profit from all future technical advances made to the floating menus.
Maybe the Notch Bar section will be kept and just the underlying technology changes. I haven't decided on that yet. But that's also my future plan for the Stream Deck and BTT Remote, I want to use the floating menu technology stack for as many features as possible - making it easier to maintain and improve.

If the Notch Bar is migrated automatically, that's probably not a problem for anyone. I am just a bit surprised. You didn't remove the old custom menus when you introduced the new ones. :slightly_smiling_face:

The current Notch Bar has the advantage of not being a moving menu. So it's always fixed in the right place. But when you say "specialized" maybe that's what you mean.

The Floating Menus can be fixed at many places :wink:

You can even fix them at specific positions inside of a window and definitely at specific positions on the screen.


That appears to have fixed it. The line entry for the "Widget Mode Test" appeared when switching to the different view, and I was able to remove it...

I have a few triggers sitting in limbo, that Green Window Button being one.. went ahead and deleted that and a few others.

I've been slowly trying to move away from the large number of different triggers, gets overwhelming trying to remember what does what.. and trying to just condense everything into "Custom Context Menus" for each app.. rather have just a single trigger (or a two), then select from a list of things to do..

Wonder if I should hold off on this also, for that Floating Menu feature to come.. Although I really just like the simple look of a "context menu" .. crazy weird :person_shrugging: