Question: Is there a way to stop macOS native Now Playing ‘widget?’

Is there a way to stop macOS native Now Playing ‘widget?’ from appearing?

The way it takes over the BTT button is just plain annoying

Do you have Native OS Touch Bar disabled in TouchBar settings?

Mine looks like this and I don't see any native macOS now-playing widget or any other native OS controls.

I do like nativeOS for certain apps, so I have a shortcut programmed that allows me to switch back and forth between them with ease.

Yes, I'm using my "AquaTouch" preset if you wanted to know how I set it up.

I'm specifically referring to this little thing:

It takes over the BTT button which gets very annoying at times... maybe all the time.

Did you find a fix for this yet?

I found it annoying too, but my work-around is simply to disable the BTT button in my Touch Bar, when I'm using native OS Touch Bar (BTT button can be disabled in BTT Touch Bar settings)

Instead of relying on the BTT button in Touch Bar to enable BTT again, I have a trackpad shortcut I've implemented that allows me to quickly switch between BTT and NativeOS Touch Bars.

I know it's not what you were looking for, but it works better than not having an easy way to switch back to BTT if the NativeOS Touch Bar hides the button randomly.

Double-tapping the same spot isnt really a mega issue, and isnt that hard to do, but it definitley isnt ‘smooth’ so it is annoying.

I have a large user base and I find splitting controls between the keyboard and the touchbar isnt an intuitive idea, especially since the accessibility of the close/open touchbar is the main feature of my preset l, and is done VERY frequently.
Also due to the large user base I think that some people may find it hard to remember and hold down multiple keys for a task that is repeated many times even within a minuite. The icon of this button on my preset also changes to show what will open up on tap. (e.g. if on a supported website such as youtube, the youtube icon will appear to let users know that they can bring up dedicated youtube controls. It’s best if you tried my preset to feel what I’m trying to explain here)

so yeah a keyboard shortcut is a valid idea but doesn’t really work so well with the way my preset works. Thanks anyway!