Question about Time Based Triggers


I'm wondering why you can't select more than one condition that needs to be true in order to activate an "Automation & Named & Other Triggers"? Thanks!!

For example, I want a series of actions to happen when both of these are true: every two hours but also when I unlock my Lock Screen (for example)

If you want to use an action sequence with multiple triggers, create a "Reusable Named Trigger" in the "Automations & Named & Other Triggers".
You can then execute the actions assigned to that named trigger using the predefined action "Trigger Named Trigger"


Thanks for responding so quickly.

I'm not sure that works for my use-case (and apologies if I wasn't clear!)

I'm looking for a way to executive an action if (and only if) TWO triggers are true.

I think I don't understand how a time based trigger and an action like unlocking your screen could both be true. E.g. you would unlock your screen at exactly the time your time based trigger would execute?

Or you you mean the time based trigger should only execute if your screen is not locked? I think that could be done by using an advanced trigger conditions like this: