Query BTT about current/active Actions

I wonder if there is any way to query BTT about which actions are defined and which actions can be triggered in the current context.

I have checked the API, but the closest function seems to be 'get_string_variable' and I guess there is no BTT internal variable that gives me that info :slight_smile:

It would be great if there were functions to query BTT itself about its current configuration and context (e.g. defined actions, active presets).

My main use case is this:

Help to remember triggers and actions:
My usage of BTT is lower than I would like to because it is hard to remember which hotkeys I have defined for each app and which ones are available at any specific point in time (i.e. according to active presets, app specific actions and global actions).

I have a wireless numeric keypad that I have fully remapped to use with BTT, but I often find myself blindly pressing keys to see what happens.

So I would like to create a Floating HTML window that queries BTT and overlays the current available actions whenever I need it.
It would really help to remember the hotkeys and increase usage.

IMHO the TouchBar feature or devices such as "Elgato Stream Deck" are easier to use on a day-to-day basis because you can see on the key itself which action you are about to trigger, so you don't need to remember it.
That is no possible with regular keys, but querying BTT and showing a dynamic overlay on demmand could really help.