Put Touch Bar buttons on middle of Touch Bar

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to put buttons I the middle of the Touch Bar. Currently I have the buttons set up to be placed on the scrollable center. The other options are left aligned and right aligned.

However, even though the "Scrollable Center" option is checked, the buttons still appear on the left, the same as though I selected the left alignment. Is there anything that I can do over here to actually make them go to the center? Do note the I don't have any other buttons on the Touch Bar when making this.

Thanks a lot!

BTT currently doesn't have a way to "center" buttons.
A hacky solution would be to add some other button which is just black (black font, black background) and give it a fixed with.

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Omg hi Andreas I absolutely love your app you rock! I installed the latest update and it has sooo many cool new feature it's absolutely mind-boggling. You're super cool and thank you for everything you do!!!!!