Purpose of various connections made

BTT makes a bunch of connections to various servers. As a rule of thumb, I block apps from making connections using Little Snitch, unless I know what the connection is for. Trying to untangle the ones BTT makes, the ones made by a website widget thing within BTT, and the ones I can block and ignore.

statsigapi . net / sentry . io - presumably analytics? I blocked them with no seeming ill effect.

cloudflare . com - could be anything? I presume I pointed BTT at a website and caused this one. Or does BTT connect itself?

folivora . ai - presumably license confirmation or analytics?

intercom . io / intercomcdn . com / auth0 . com - again I presume this is something I triggered via loading a website? Or does BTT itself trigger any of these?

featuregates . org - this seems to be a Google owned domain and I don't think I triggered it but maybe?

Pointless for me to give any thought to, I'm sure, but I like to know anyway. Thanks!

I don't think BTT connects to any of these apart from folivora.ai for update information.

Maybe some scripts you have running inside of BTT?
Sometimes release notes contain videos hosted on vimeo - possibly they host on cloudflare or intercom

You can block any network connections, BTT doesn't need any unless you use specific features like ChatGPT

Thanks for the speedy reply! Most do seem likely to be caused by the spree I went on testing new features (like the menu bar web view) after finally buying an upgrade (getting an M Mac finally got me to pull the trigger)!

Thanks too for the great tool!