Productivity Gains by Eliminating Need to Look at Keyboard

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In my humble opinion, please feedback below to management to max your $$$ for your pleasures, family's benefits & charity.

Problem: BetterTouch Mac Tool: Need to look at keyboard to execute function = waste time. Why? E.g CMD + Left Mouse Click to execute Mac Screenshot of CMD+SHIFT+4.

Although intermediate to expert users know how to press on CMD key without looking at keyboard - It will be helpful to everyone including beginners if the spacebar key could be used as a modifier key in future = "Spacebar"+Left Mouse Click = Screenshot.

Why? Surface area for spacebar key is the largest = easiest to press = less mental load to think and find keys compared to smaller keys = efficiency & effectiveness.

Why not delegate this fix as a new project max your $$$?

Imagine what is the value of this feedback for you, your future generations and your circle of influence's current & future businesses lifespan.

Think Global.

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Jianfa Tsai

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I’m quite fond of using my spacebar to insert spaces when I type.


On the flip-side, imagine the productivity gains you'd see by making the effort to learn where the Command key is on your keyboard! You might even max your $$$ and your future generations and your circle of influence's current & future business lifespan!

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You can probably use the app Karabiner to do this if you really want.
BTT won't add such a functionality however.