$(PRODUCT_NAME) process

Maybe this isn't a bug but I discovered that BetterTouchTool recently also runs a second process on my computer with the strange generic name $(PRODUCT_NAME). When I close it, BetterTouchTool still seems to work perfectly – is this an unwanted "leftover" from a previous update which is loaded together with the current version or perfectly normal?

Thanks a lot for your fantastic work – I love BetterTouchTool!

Ah thanks for reporting. That is the BTTRelaunch process which I recently had to re-build which probably caused this issues due to the internationalization work I'm currently doing.

You should keep that process running, as it will restart BTT after sleep etc.

I'll fix this.

Danke fΓΌr die Antwort – dann weiß ich Bescheid! :slight_smile:

Ist in dem neuesten Build gefixt.

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