Preview-app: Zoom with Mousewheel (non MagicMouse)

Hi, I miss the Zoom-function from Windows&PDF-Expert (Contol+Mousewheel) on my MacStudio (Sonoma) in Preview.
I have the Logitech M650L-Mouse and I work with large PDFs of building-drawings.
Of course I can use Cmd&+ or - but that's not the same (speed).

(How) is it possible to set this function with BTT?

It would be fine to hold "Control" and scroll the Mousewheel to Zoom the PDF in/out.
Thank you.

nice catch, i will add this to my wip preset for finder

Thank You.
Do you have set this for the Preview-app only or in general?

I'm sorry, but it doesn't work on my Mac... I think, it's up to the Logi M650L ...
seems to be easier to use an other PDF-app...

I only use it for preview, and right now, I'm using the Logitech G604 LIGHTSPEED. In other programs, especially in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, the functionality is already there by default. So, I don't have to simulate it there.