Prevent app from showing in touch bar?


I use the BTT custom touch bar (default preset). I enjoy scrolling through my iTunes library using the touchbar. However, I also have an app installed called iWall. iWall allows you to have a video as a background for your desktop, it really is great actually. Only problem is, it somehow "overrides" the iTunes control on the touch bar, if that makes sense. As in, when I press play/pause on the touchbar, it pauses my background video instead of my music. Only if I go to iTunes manually and pause then play a song, will iTunes show up on the touchbar control strip to pause/play/skip. Then, after a few seconds of playing, the iTunes song disappears and is instead replaced with the iWall background video to pause/play which is totally unneeded.

My question is, is there anyway to prevent this app from being controlled by the touchbar? As in, it doesn't show up on my touchbar so that my iTunes music will always be there instead? Any help would be appreciated.

that sounds like a bug in this app, imho almost nobody would expect this behavior. I think you should report it to the developer.