Prevent accidental tap-to-click while typing?

On my old MacBook with the regular-sized trackpad, I used tap-to-click and it always worked perfectly. On my new MacBook, the touchpad is way too large and I always accidentally tap-to-click while typing because parts of my wrists briefly touch that trackpad. I hate it. It makes the Mabook borderline unusable to me as-is. I hate the haptic click, too, it is way too loud and annoying, so tap-to-lick is the only option for me.

Apple seems to know that their wrist detection doesn't work 100% reliably (how could it?). For example, they hid tap-to-click somewhere within accessibility options. It took me forever to find. I guess they realized that this doesn't work well anymore with their large trackpads. Pffh.

I am now testing BetterTouchTool to try to fix this issue. I enabled the checkbox called "reenable gestures only after touching the center of the touchpad", but it doesn't seem to do anything. I still perform accidental tap-to-clicks all the time. Does this feature not work with tap-to-click?

Has anyone figured out a setting I can enable to prevent accidental tap-to-clicks while typing on modern MacBooks with the large trackpads?

sorry, unfortunately BTT can only prevent its own gestures. For system ones we need to work with Appleā€˜s accidental touch recognition ;-(