Press & Hold Key Trigger Issue

I have 2 actions using F3 as the trigger. The first triggers on key up before 0.5 seconds. The second triggers on key down after 0.55 seconds. The purpose is to have a single click trigger and a press and hold trigger. I have the same thing on the mouse, which is working perfectly but I cannot get it to work with keys.

Pressing once (within 0.5 seconds) activates both triggers and pressing and holding activates repetitions.

Any solutions or workarounds? I’m using a g815 keyboard and have tried tinkering in g-hub to make it press and hold with no success.

FYI, my entire reason for wanting to do this is because I cannot bind mouse buttons 6+ to their respective button on the mouse in g-hub. No idea why they would miss such a thing.

You want to do a left click with short press (F3) and hold the left click with long press (F3) until you release the key?

Then you need three actions.

(1) Short press, as you have done it.

(2) long press, custom left click, on key down.

(3) long press, custom left click, on key up.

I have left, right and middle buttons setup in this manner. im now after the same thing but with keyboard keys. F3 was the example key i used.