presets: not working or do I not get it?

I'm trying to create a "mode" for navigation (only in a specific app, not sure if this is relevant). So I want to press 'jj' and have my navigation presets take over, then 'i' when I want to exit to typing mode. I have set up a set of hotkeys in a preset called 'nav' but they seem to be taking over whether I call them with 'jj' or not. Is this a bug? Am I allowed to use presets in this way or am I fundamentally not understanding what this is there for?

Sorry I'm not sure how you would set that up :slight_smile:
Could you post screenshots / more details?

Are you trying to activate / deactivate a group (or set) of hotkeys by pressing hotkeys designated to activate said group??

I also noticed your duplicate post:

Ah I see.

Possibly try to use shortcuts instead of key sequences in the Nav Preset. Key sequences have the disadvantage of first typing everything because BTT can't know whether it will result in a key sequence. If the Nav preset is activated you can just use normal shortcuts because you know that the keys should not trigger their normal behavior.
Is it intentional that the key sequences below the J key sequence don't have a key assigned?

Yes, that's exactly what I'm trying to do.

Sorry for duplicate post. No response so assumed I was in the wrong section of the forum or did not have a clear title.

Shortcuts shouldn't make a difference. The issue is that these presets are only supposed to be "on" after the 'start nav' preset is pressed, but they seem to be working ubiquitously. However to rule it out I did try using your shortcut idea, but I couldn't see any material change.

The key sequences after the J actually do have a key assigned, and if I open them they are there and active. It is unclear to me why they are not showing up in this view. It is also unclear to me why they are indented as I have not done anything to make them a subset to the J, and in fact, have tried to troubleshoot this to no avial -- the behavior seems to be automatic and without reason. Can you explain?