Preset Disappears

Hi, so I downloaded AquaTouch v 3.6.8, but every time I do, even if I change the active preset and change the default to something other than my primary preset, it still deletes the preset that I use on a day to day and do not want to remove. I want to take some of the functionality of the AquaTouch so that I can use the styles/format for my own content, but I can't get my preset (I've spent like over a year getting it to be what I need for work) to not be deleted when I try to import the AquaTouch. Any idea why? @yuuiko

it shouldn't be deleted when you import aquatouch, it might be getting deactivated though.

Check preset picker to ensure the one you want active is the master

You can mix presets by checking the box for a second preset, (not master, just check the box) though it will take some time to get them to mix well.

Okay, I think I copied the gestures for volume and such from AquaTouch into my own preset a while ago. Would that be what is causing it to write over my preset? It's definitely writing over, I had all the preset settings how you said, but the one I used disappears and the Aqua Touch one now is in the presets and using the exact same color. I had to use a backup to restore it. It's definitely my fault in some way, not yours, I'm just trying to figure out how to remedy it lol. Ur preset is amazing and so many things I can learn from it. Does copying the triggers into another preset mean that it is "technically still assuming it is Aquatouch by the program"? I tried to uncheck the "Delete old backups" button in the preset import prompt, but if I do that, then it doesn't actually do anything when I click Import. Only if I recheck that button does it allow me to import. Is that supposed to be that way? I would have thought unchecking that would just keep them. Thanks for your help!