Preset confusion

I have two active presets, both are checked:

I'd like to consolidate these into one preset (the one dated today). If I uncheck the 4.17.xxxx, all my settings disappear. But the one dated today, 01.07.2020, is the "Master". I'm not sure what's going on here, and any tips would be appreciated.

Copy All the buttons, triggers etc and hit ⌘V. They are gonna be pasted into your master preset. You might have to make some rearranging and that's it.

All checked presets are shown.
The master preset is the one that gets new buttons if you create them.

That can't be right. It certainly isn't working for me.

@Caliguvara is right, everything that is copied & pasted will automatically be pasted in the master preset.

Alternatively you can use the „move to preset“ menu item in the main menu

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So, command-C then command-V or just command-V?

When I tried copy and paste, I duplicated all my settings.

When I deleted extra presets and created what I thought was to be a new master I find that I have a master (the one I made) checked plist two others with the same long names; these won't go away; if I uncheck them I lose my settings. Not sure I can delete them either.

It will duplicate them, but one set is then in the master preset so you can uncheck the other preset afterwards

I'd actually like to sync my settings (one preset) across all machines. I'm not sure of the status of this capability right now., I have selected iCloud but don't see where the presets land and am not sure that covers preferences too.

Thanks. Done.

Do you have to run through each of the settings groups (Keyboard shortcuts, key sequences, etc.) or just one? I found I had to do them individually (pasting and copying them).

Is there a way to copy the snap area settings (presets) into a new preset too? These did not copy over.tx

As I don't use these, idk :man_shrugging:t4:

sadly this doesn't actually work, the preset name will change in the ui but in reality it wont be added to the preset on export