Pre-load Webviews

How to immediately pre-load Webviews after launching BTT with the floating menu?

Currently the only way to do this would be to create a trigger "After BetterTouchTool Did Launch", that shows and immediately hides a floating menu:

Also the "Keep Active in Background" checkbox on the webview must be active:

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Thank you for your feedback. Is there a plan to add a feature to automatically pre-load Webviews soon ?

I have put it on my TODO list but it will take a while. Need to add a generic way to pre-load items/floating menus in general.

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I tried the proposed solution, after several attempts, unfortunately when BetterTouch restarts, the preloading does not work. I hope the function will arrive soon so I can preload my Webviews.

I'm myself using it like this with a floating menu, it should definitely work. Are you sure you have the "Keep active in background" option enabled?

Possibly add a little delay before hiding the menu so it has time to render

I also tried the proposed solution, but nothing happens when restarting or starting BetterTouch regarding the "Stay active in background" option, which is indeed enabled.

You will find a video below:

Ah I can reproduce the issue on my other machine. I think it's a timing issue when the "Show Floating Menu" action is called before BTT has fully setup its internal state.
Adding some delay before seems to work fine on my other machine, it doesn't need a delay between the show/hide actions:

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Perfect, I just tested that. It works perfectly while waiting for the implementation of a native preloading function.

Thank you and have a good evening !

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Thanks also from my side. I learned something that I didn't even know I could use.