Possible Updates/Changes to Window Snapping?

Curious if there will there be any updates/changes to the way Custom Snap Areas are configured?

Currently it is cumbersome to create new snap areas; As I keep the BTT default Menu Icon hidden, and just use a custom menu bar icon with custom actions (and to open the BTT Preference Window.)

It would be nice if the option to edit Custom Snap Areas was located within the same BTT configuration windows as everything else.. This way we could keep Custom Snap Areas that are specific to Apps in a central location.. And when editing those Snap Areas only the ones for that app show up.

Currently have a bunch of little boxes stacked up on each other for each custom snap area, as I have like a bunch specific to certain apps.. so I have to move the little blue boxes out of the way to get to the ones below to edit them if needed.

I know I could do something with the new "Webview" / "Floating Menu" features, but personally, I find those too cumbersome to configure/setup as they are not intuitive, and the resizes doesn't always work, and then often I edit something, it doesn't save the edit, sometimes it doesn't recognize the edit and the "save button" does appear. would be better if it just saved upon change instead of having to click save every time.

yes there are indeed (pretty concrete) plans to create a modern UI for managing snap areas. The current one has been created in 2011 and hasn't change much since. The new UI will also make the snap areas more powerful, e.g. allowing for relative snap areas that are independent of a specific monitor setup. However there is no ETA yet as some other features currently have priority.

About auto saving:
BTT usually does auto-save immediately. For some fields that's not possible, in that case it will show the save button. However even if the save button is shown, an auto-save will happen as soon as you select another trigger or as soon as you close the preferences window.