Possible to move notch bar to bottom of screen?

Just got started with the Notch bar and it is working great, but I am curious to trial it, if possible, fixed to the bottom edge of my screen instead and maintain existing menu bar behaviour?


Yes. I'd like this too.

The more I use notchbar the more I wish I had the option of putting it at the bottom of the screen or pinning it to the side.

I realise it wouldn’t be the “notch” bar but it would be so useful.

Right now I find myself fighting with it. Either it’s not there and I need to swipe down on the menu which means I’m not trying to locate the button as I’m moving the mouse so it takes longer.

Or I’m using Final Cut Pro in Full Screen and it cuts off some of the actual app itself when it appears.

I know it’s a beta so you’re probably aware but it does frequently not appear in full screen so I have to restart BTT.

Would it be possible to have it at the bottom or the side?

I'm working on this! BTT will allow multiple customizable bars, the Notch Bar itself will need to stay on the top, but other action bars can be moved anywhere . However they can not show the macOS menubar items, these can only be displayed on the top of the screen.

Great. So I could have the menu bar at the top and then keep the notch bar (widgets and buttons) at the bottom? Pinned ?

@james948 While you wait... you can have that now. Use the free app Touché. It virtually displays the Touch Bar on the screen. Where you want it. So you can display any widgets or buttons you want at the bottom of your screen. The configuration works with BTT just like with the Touch Bar. And the Notch Bar can be configured differently.

Whoa; I didn't know the config works with BTT. that' amazing. So. can i just tell it to be the notch bar all the time?

update; using it now; it's going to be a pain to move everything over; is there a way I can mirror what I made in the notch bar.

Also would love a way to dock Touche or pin it to the side or something.

Any updates on how the custom action bars are coming along?

Having some fun with Touchè. I can toggle the bettertouchtool custom buttons to the system ones but I want a button that is always there that sends me back. Is there a way to do this? The only button I can find means keeping the control strip on the right hand side.