Possible to mark Google Docs buttons B, U, I, S when pressed down?


Big fan of AquaTouch! I use it a lot in Google Docs / Sheets, and one of the most useful functions is the ability to quickly choose B, U, I, S (that is, obviously, altering the font to be bold, underlined, italics, and strikethrough). However, I would absolutely LOVE it if they would be marked or shadowed when they are pressed down. As the touch bar noob that I am, I haven't been able to figure it out by myself. Is it even possible to add?

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I've done this before with one note but it read the check icons menubar. It was very inefficient and resulted in 120+% CPU usage every five seconds so I decided to remove it to reduce the ridiculous battery drain that came from just an aesthetic feature.

Since google docs is a website it might be harder, I'd need to go through safari and then read the menus in google docs, so I'm not sure if its possible.

There is a chance it could work though seeing what I can do with YouTube (after much pain) so I'll look into it, it won't be a priority though since this one might be a bit of work for an aesthetic feature, hope you understand!

Hi! Oh I had no idea it would be that much of a struggle. Thanks to your work I've recently found myself getting used to pay more attention to the Touch Bar than the top part of the screen. But srly don't stress it since – as you point out – it's mostly an aesthetic feature :slight_smile:

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