Possible to keep 'Media Controls' visible at all times with 'goldenchaos' preset?

Hi all -

I am new to BTT and I am really loving it. I just setup my minimalist touch bar (using goldenchaos preset) to my liking, and noticed that the media controls go away when the apps that play media (Chrome, Music, etc.) closes.

While this makes sense, I was wondering if there was an option within the BTT settings that can force these icons/controls to be static, and always appear on the touch bar regardless of which apps are open?

I am using the BTT app options/settings, not the goldenchaos options panel.


There's a bit of work required for me to support this, but I think I can add this without needing any extra BTT features!

GC actually had this as an option in the past, but it broke and required more work at the time than I could put in to fixing it. Now, however, it's definitely annoying that it's not there anymore.

I'll post here when the feature is added! I'm still wrapping up the AirPods Pro release.

Hi, thanks for the reply!

I am hoping this ability is added soon for the media controls, but, after the latest BTT update, the 'new tab' and 'refresh' buttons now disappear from my tool bar after a browser is closed, or if BTT is launched without a browser being open. I have to restart BTT with a browser open to see them.

So as it stands now, I have to have a browser open and start to play media in order for my tool bar to stay complete on my MacBook Pro. Having a complete 'always on' toolbar has always been my goal and why I used BTT and this GC preset (which I configured to only show static useful buttons).

I am assuming that this is a bug, because these buttons are useful (and often used) for Finder. Will this be fixed soon? I do think it's odd that this happened after a BTT update, as I didn't touch or update the GoldenChaos preset - which is the only preset I use.

Thanks for your help!

Amazing, I want this feature as well so I thought I'd add my excitement.

What I'd kill for, is for the Touch Bar to be visible even when the display is off. Is it technically possible, or would is be like the headphone jack turning off the speakers on some models, baked into the hardware? If it's software, I'm sure it's buried deep into parts of macOS that Apple doesn't want hacked. But I totally would if I could. I'm actually surprised it wasn't available by default, because it's a real regression from the hardware keys of yore.

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