Possible to jump to other devices with hotkey?

I have heard abut BTT for ages but just downloaded it now. Looks pretty useful and I'll probably keep it.

But my primary motivation for trying it was to see if I could use a hotkey to jump between my main iMac screen and my laptop and iPad with the built-in Universal Control feature Apple rolled out about a year ago. It doesn't look like this is possible based on what I have tried and what I see here on the forum.

Curious to know if anyone might have a workaround they found using BTT or otherwise. Maybe I could use the move mouse feature on BTT to get to the edge of the screen and then somehow simulate a trackpad movement to move the cursor to where I need it on the other machine?

Unfortunately none of the APIs to generate programmatic mouse events works with universal control ;-(

I figured as much. Thanks for getting back.

Here's a half-baked hack that might work (though probably a headache to set up and won't work at all with an iPad).

  1. Turn on "Mouse Keys" option on Device 1 and Device 2 in System Settings -> Accessibility -> Pointer Control

  2. Use BTT to jump the cursor to the edge of the Device 1.

  3. Use another attached BTT action on to hold down the appropriate keyboard key to move the cursor to Device 2 (this seems to work in my limited testing)

  4. After waiting a short period of time to get the mouse cursor moved to Device 2, trigger a script on Device 1 that triggers BTT on Device 2 to move the mouse to the desired location.

I ran a little test and ran a command that ssh'es into the other remote device and runs an applescript that triggers a BTT shortcut that moves the mouse and then clicks on the screen. Even though the mouse movement and click worked and the mouse cursor got displayed on the remote monitor, universal control maintained control on the local machine and not the remote one.