Possible to add Chance of Rain in weather widget?

New BTT & GoldenChaos User working with the weather widget. I know there is the allowed variable list (posted below) but I found it interesting that some other variables not posted (e.g. "temperatureLow_rounded") also worked.

A quick look on the DarkSky API documentation (https://darksky.net/dev/docs) shows they have a "percipProbability" included. When I tried to add in this functionality it didn't work and {precipProbability} showed up. Anyone have a work around or does this post belong in the feature requests tab?

Allowed variables: {day} {icon} {temp} {temp_rounded} {unit} {moonphase}, {humidity}, {temperatureLow}, {apparentTemperatureHigh}, {lineBreak}, {apparentTemperatureLow}, {sunriseTime}, {sunsetTime}, {windSpeed}

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