Please add stream deck paging to support SD+ and Neo

I have an Elgato StreamDeck+. The SD+ and the new Neo both have only 8 buttons but include a separate UI feature to change to a new page of controls.

I have been experimenting with both the Elgato software and BTT for primary control of the SD+.

BTT's current (as of July 2024) system for paging is a problem with both of these devices because losing 2 of the 8 buttons to page forward/back controls is a major loss of functionality. Furthermore, I want to be able to group always-active buttons and dials together on one (or maybe multiple) page(s), and app-specific buttons and dials on their own pages such that the app specific pages are available on app activation, but the always active pages are too.

This request is a set of related features that would allow BTT to support paging in a similar way to what the Elgato software supports. (I think there are probably other ways to do it too...)


  1. Please add a BTT "Stream Deck Page" container which can contain buttons, touchscreen components, and dials. This can be similar to a TouchScreen Configuration Group. BTT should respect the page grouping and not add controls or to it (although having some way to add a control dynamically would be nice). BTT should also not take over SD buttons for paging controls as it currently does (although if you want to have a setting to turn this on and off to support SD devices that are not SD+ or Neo, that would be OK.)

  2. It should be possible to add dial actions to a Page container, so that when a new Page is swapped in the dial actions can be replaced with the dial actions assigned to the new Page. (I also would like an SD Dial Stack container, but that will be a separate request.)

  3. Pages could have a priority setting such that when pages dynamically become active (because of app activation or other runtime changes), pages that have a higher priority are to the "left" of pages with lower settings. BTT can be free to order pages with the same priority in any relative order. (Like a Z depth for layers).

  4. There should be "SD Page next" and "SD page previous" BTT actions that can be assigned to any trigger. For the SD+, I would like to use swipe left and swipe right for these (on the SD+ touchscreen), for the Neo the touchpoints could be assigned to these, but other keystrokes and actions could be used also to make this concept work with other streamdeck models.

  5. Please add an SD+ "Swipe Touch Screen Left" trigger that is distinct from the "Swipe Touch Screen" trigger.

The concept of pages and the dial stacks are IMHO the best features of the SD+. At the moment it's very difficult to emulate either of these with BTT.
(I know that "Open Stream Deck group with name" can do something similar to paging, but this is very limited and doesn't support either dynamic page activation or more than two pages very well)

This feature request is half-baked and supports my desired use cases. I hope that other people who have related SD paging ideas will chime in here with their ideas.