Please add F19 - F24 keys in "Keyboard Keys" list

there is only F13 - F18 available in the "Keyboard Keys" options list

add more keys would helps if user choose to bind some logic with these keys on other App (e.g. Hammerspoon)

People don't seem to be aware that this is a legitimate thing. Logitech recognizes it and has all F1–24 as function options in their software. Some keyboards have all 24. Keyboard Maestro recognizes up to 20. It seems a little half-baked to only go up to F18. Is there a reason for this?

I use a logitech mouse

Current versions of BTT have all function keys that are supported by macOS (that is up to F20). AFAIK F21-F24 are not supported by most macOS event handling APIs. I wouldn't know how to generate them programatically.