Play/pause button like default control strip

Does this exist somewhere? I see the play/pause functionality, but it would be nice to have a button that has the play icon when music is paused, pause when music is playing, and playpause when there is no noise. I saw the thread from late 2018, but presumably things have been updated from then.

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To follow up on this, I am aware of the built in play/pause button. The one issue with this is that when no media is playing, the play/pause button shows the "play" icon (or nothing, if specified. However, I'm wondering if there is a way to show the playpause button (the one that comes on the macOS default Touch Bar) instead of just the play button.

Would love to see this happen! I've been searching for a method to do this but no luck so far :frowning:

This one would certainly be great to have!

Thanks so much for this great application!