Play/Pause actions and iTunes

I replaced the function of my Play/Pause Key with a simple Play/Pause action in BTT which got me rid of iTunes popping up (very nice!, I like!)

The main reason I wanted this is because I mainly use the button to control music playing in my Browser (youtube etc...)
Thing is: it takes about 10-15 Seconds for it to be recognized. (Play stops after a few seconds, another press needs again a few seconds to resume the Music)

Anybody else seeing this behaviour?
What else can I try?

m2 macbook air, macos 13.0 Ventura, Thorium browser

this would trigger an endless loop because all BTT does with the play/pause action is press the play button again. You can try to check the „prevent recursive triggers“ option on the triggering shortcut - but I‘m not sure whether that works for that key.

Usually you setup should crash BTT, but maybe it just goes to 100% cpu usage in your case

now that you mention it - yes I see it now gaining 80% cpu load for the time it acts ( I don't see any effect of that, the macbook has no fans and just keeps on chugging)

I already enabled recursive triggers but this doesn't seem to have any change on the outcome as you guessed.
Interesting though that it sets the correct state when crashing

hm, looks like i still need to chmod -x the music app to disable iTunes,

anybody have some recommendations so i can use the play/pause button only for browsers?