Play/Pause Action no longer working

Have used BTT in a limited way for years, but in the last couple of days have a problem I can't rectify.
Using Magic Mouse, I have been using 1 Finger Tap Left for volume down, 1 Finger Tap Right for volume up and 1 Finger Tap for play/pause. For no apparent reason play/pause is no longer responding. I tested the command with a keyboard shortcut and it wouldn't work for that either.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

BTT basically just presses the play/pause key on the keyboard. Maybe something on your system prevents that the system reacts to that?

Have you tried restarting?

Thanks for the reply, have tried restarting, upgrading BTT etc. but still no result. Space bar still works with iTunes; very strange as its worked fine for years.

does the play / pause button on your keyboard still work?

Yes that's still fine.

Oh wait, I didn't notice you were using 1 finger taps for all of this. If you have a 1 finger right and 1 finger left tap, then the standard 1 finger tap will not do anything because it will always either be a 1 finger tap left or a 1 finger tap right. However this never worked.

I tried a two finger tap and it didn't work and then tried three finger and it is working again, the strange thing is I've used a one finger tap for years and its been fine until a few days ago, anyway not to worry, we at least have a work around. Thanks for your help, most appreciated.