Pinch/zoom action for generic mouse extra button+wheel?

Hi I got an external mouse with two extra buttons (like the Logitech MX).

I was trying to understand if BTT can allow me to do what I actually do with my Logitech MX, that is emulating pinch to zoom (not window/font zoom but the trackpad pinch to zoom action) using one of the extra buttons+wheel on my generic mouse.

I was thinking, because Logitech MX utility can do it, then it must be available somehow to other programs to do so. Is it possible to do so with BTT with a mouse providing extra buttons that BTT can actually see?


No this is not possible with BTT because there are no available API's to create native zoom events as far as I know. Logitech is possibly using lower level ways than BTT can use to make it work.

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