Pinch with thumb two fingers

Spread with Thumb 2 fingers also stopped working a few days after I set up the pinch gestures.

Any suggestions for troubleshooting?

Are you sure the gestures don't work, or is it maybe the assigned actions? I did some tests here, but could not reproduce an issue with these gestures yet.

Andreas, thanks for writing back.

One gesture (Pinch with Thumb and 2 Fingers) triggers a mapped Keyboard Maestro keyboard shortcut trigger. The shortcut causes the specified window to resize based on the assigned coordinates. But the BTT gesture won't trigger the assigned shortcut for some reason.

The other BTT gesture (Spread with Thumb and 2 Fingers) won't resize the app window based on the Trigger Snap Area. The action worked after I first created it, but the next day or two, when I tried using it again, it stopped working. The Trigger Snap Area works, but I can't get the finger gesture to trigger it.

Update: I replaced the KM shortcut with a universal short (Command+R), and the finger gesture does trigger the shortcut. But the assigned finger gesture won't trigger the KM keyboard shortcut.

Update: I couldn't get the finger gestures to resize the windows. But the Bottom Edge triggers to resize my Arc web broswer window works great.