Pinch to zoom no longer works with BTT active

Even without any gestures configured, whenever BTT is active the regular pinch to zoom gesture stops working, everything else works including double tap to smart zoom and the normal scrolling. No idea how to troubleshoot this, any help please?

which version of macOS are you on? (there was a bug in older macOS versions that could cause this, but I believe this has been fixed in macOS 14)

Did you make sure you don't have a pinch in/out gesture configured in BTT that would override the default behavior?

Thank you for the reply.
I'm on 14.5
I only had a pinch in/out gesture over the titlebar to close / maximize a window. But I disabled them just in case and the normal behavior still doesn't work.

Try to delete them completely, disabling might not be enough in this case

Thank you.
Found the issue: pinch in gesture over dock to quiet the app under cursor is the reason. I'm not sure why it's blocking the gesture entirely given it should work on the dock only, very strange.