Pinch in/out do not work

Hi. I set pinch in/out with my trackpad and magic mouse, but these gestures do not work in my BTT. Are there any other settings or something interfering with these?

BTT does not support Pinch In/Out on the Magic Mouse. However it supports pinching on the Trackpad. For this to work you need to make sure pinching is also enabled in System Settings => Trackpad => More Gestures.

What are you planning to use these gestures for?

Thank you, Andreas.
I've turned on the pinch in/out on the trackpad in System Settings.
I want to use pinch in with thumb and other 2 fingers for copy and pinch out with the same fingers for paste, respectively.

It may be helpful to remove that trigger from Magic Mouse options then.

I want to use a very similar workflow.
I want to use thumb + 2 finger pinch in to trigger Cmd + W shortcut to close tabs and app windows.