Pause MIDI Trigger

I am a musician and always have a MIDI keyboard on my desk that I can reach out to just as easily as my Mac keyboard.
I see the potential in BTT's MIDI Trigger function. I can't use all 88 buttons, each keyboard key becoming a button...!

However, I use the MIDI keyboard as a musical instrument when I work. I cannot play if I assign functions to the keyboard.
Is there any way to temporarily disable only the MIDI Trigger function, such as when playing? I do not want to disable BTT itself.
If I could easily toggle the MIDI Trigger function with a hotkey, it would make my daily life more convenient.

Combine all the functions intended for midi into a dedicated preset, and enable or disable it using a trigger as needed. (Toggle Presets Enabled/Disabled)

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Thanks for the comment!
I didn't know how to operate it, so I thought I would take my time and work on it when I had more time.
Now I am finally able to set it up.
Thanks to you, my problems are solved!

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