pasteboard history control by app (blocking by app focus)

Pasteboard History was one of the selling reasons that got me to purchase this product. However it's proven to be more difficult in use because of my workflow.

it would be a wonderful addition if you could exclude or turn off capture to the pasteboard within certain applications. this way relevant information would stay in the manager and not get flooded out with irrelevant copy/paste functions.

For example. LogicProX the music software, I use cut and paste some thousand times in an hour. but the linked data is irrelevant as it can't be used in any other application, and even in LogicPro, you couldn't reasonably try and use past pasteboard entries as the data is undecernable code that you couldn't tell what is what.

I cannot find any setting inside of configure to be able to control what does and does not get copied into the pasteboard history. is this something that can be done?

you can disable the clipboard manager for certain apps:


Thankyou. You’ve made my day better already :grinning: