Paste Specific Item Action. - Problem: Pastes everything at bottom, skips when it needs to paste

I made an action sequence that included multiple "Paste Specific Item" triggers in the sequence. It begins by copying from one app and then switches to another app and begins paste. It originally worked, but now, the trigger "Paste specific Item" trigger pastes everything as the very last sequence, and all together. Example:
App 1:
-Press: Command-C
-Press: tab
-Press: Command-C (clipboard would now show 2 items).
-Press: Command-G
-Type: abcd
-Press: tab
-*Paste specific item #2
-Press: tab
-*Paste specific item #1
-Press: tab
(THIS IS THE ERROR: BBT pastes #1 and then pastes #2

I've tried different apps and it used to work. I've tried:
-changing the trigger from typing, format paste, etc.
-resetting comp, BTT.
-updating mac and BTT.
-closing other apps and more.

I've had this trigger sequence work before and I'm thinking I changed some kind of setting. Are you able to assist?

unfortunately I think due to the way BTT does this pasting, you need to add some blocking delays like here:

Thanks for the fast response! I had the blocking delays (tried both types, longer lengths, re-adding them, etc).

I just figured it out: Had to change the name of the shortcut recorded (mod keys + primary button).

Thanks again for the response, good to know I can post questions and get responses in a reasonable amount of time.