Paste Clipboard History Item by Number from Clipboard Manager Window?

I'm a longtime BTT user but only just now discovered there's a clipboard manager! (It pays to read the release notes :sweat_smile:)

I've been using Clipy and a feature it has that I really like is a clipboard history list ordered by number, and the ability to paste the item in the list by just typing the number.

For example to paste the second item from the Clipy clipboard manager I would hit the following key commands:

  • [Keyboard shortcut to display clipboard history list]
  • 2

I was trying to replicate the behavior in BTT. My approach was to use a conditional activation group, but I couldn't figure out how to determine if the Clipboard Manager is activated for my activation group.

Would there be any way to set up this behavior with the BTT clipboard manager or would this be more appropriate as a feature request?



Really interested by this usecase. Did you make it?

I never made any further progress, unfortunately.