Pass the unmodified mouse button, or any arbitrary mouse button

I asked a question in the Discussions & Questions forum. Since I did not receive a reply in 4 days I am assuming that what I am trying to do is not currently possible.

I would like to be able to assign a mouse button click to that mouse button click or some other mouse button click. For example, I would like to assign Button 5 as Button 5, or Button 5 as Button 3. Why? Because if a mouse button is given an assignment in "All Apps" then it applies to all other apps in the "App List" unless that specific button is given a different assignment in a specific app group. For example, if Button 5 is set as "Page Up" in "All Apps" it will act as "Page Up" in another app unless that app has Button 5 assigned to something else. If I want Button 5 to just be Button 5 in a different app, I currently have to leave it unassigned in "All Apps" because there is currently no way to assign Button 5 as Button 5. Or perhaps I'd like Button 5 to be treated as Button 3, there seems to be no way to do that, either.

Below is part of my question from "Discussions & Questions":

In my "All Apps" group, I have Button 5 set to Command Key Down and Button 5 (mouse-up) set to Command Key Up. This allows me to use that mouse button as my keyboard Command key so I can more easily use copy, paste, and other functions in nearly every app without having to do a finger-twisting tango.

However, in one specific app (let's call it AppX), I want Button 5 to just be Button 5. I have set up a group just for that app and I can set all sorts of things which apply only to that app. However, all the settings in the "All Apps" group are applied to AppX unless I specifically assign a different function to a particular button within the "AppX" group. I can't seem to find any way to assign Button 5 to Button 5. I can assign all sorts of other things to Button 5 in the "AppX" group and they will take precedence over the Button 5 assignment in the "All Apps" group when AppX is the focus. However, just getting Button 5 to be passed as Button 5 is either not possible or I can't find the way to do it.

BTT currently doesn't have the ability to do this, but I'll add it with the next update using the predefined action "Custom Mouse Buttons & Modifiers"

Thank you very much for responding and for considering my feature request!

There have been two updates to BTT since April 22nd but I am not seeing any differece in "Custom Mouse Buttons & Modifers". I understand you have more important fixes to make and features to add, but if you did add this please explain how to set – for example – Mouse Button 8 as Mouse Button 5.

I have added this to the latest alpha :slight_smile: Would be great if you'd have a look.

Ah! I didn't think of that, I usually stay away from alpha/beta software.

First look, it works great! Two things:

This might be unique to the old Logitech MX1000 mouse that I use, but BTT recognizes one of the three thumb buttons as BUTTON 3 (and the other two as BUTTON 4 and BUTTON 5). BTT alpha 3.571 (1711) in CUSTOM MOUSE BUTTONS AND MODIFIERS provides options for Button 4 through Button 11 (in addition to left/right/middle/doubleleftclick/tripleleftclick) but not for Button 3. So perhaps you could add an option to assign a click as Button 3 in addition to Button 4 through Button 11.

(After writing the above I pulled out a Bluetooth mouse – a cheap TechNet BM306 which I keep as a just-in-case spare – and BTT recognized the two thumb buttons as Button 3 and Button 4. So that's not unique to my old Logitech MX1000.)

Just for testing purposes, I assigned Button 7 (which on my MX1000 is a button just below the scroll wheel) as Left-Click. I was able to use it for basic single left-click actions. However, when I attempted to click it twice quickly (to double-click, for instance to launch an application from a Finder window) the second click was never recognized no matter how quickly or slowly I tapped the mouse button.

Thanks again for working in my feature request! I hope this feedback was helpful and I'll be happy to perform any specific tests that might help with BTT's future development.

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