Pass a variable string to btt:// trigger and copy said string to the system clipboard?

Is all of the the following completely feasible?

  1. I want to pass a variable string to a btt:// trigger, possibly like this (see the '&myparam=mystringvalue' parameter at the end of the following URL):


  2. The first action/step I want to take in my trigger is to copy the mystringvalue string value to the system (in my case, macOS) clipboard.

    For example, if there's some way to run a bash script that is fed mystringvalue as a parameter, I can easily employ macOS's pbcopy(1) to copy said parameter to the clipboard.

If either of these 2 steps are feasible, how do I implement them?


  1. An aside: how would this this mystringvalue string value be read and accessible in a BTT trigger/action? (This feature may not be needed in my initial use case, as all I need to do is copy the mystringvalue to the macOS clipboard.)

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