Part built-in and part BTT touchbar

Is there a way to have part of your custom BTT touchbar and the built-in one - for example when using the mail app: displaying custom BTT date and time to the right and built in new message and so on to the left?

unfortunately this is not possible

Ok, thanks for the reply!

By the way: I know it is possible to disable BTT completely - but is there an option for only disabling the touchbar and not the trackpad configuration?

there is a checkbox in the Touch Bar settings in BTT (on the very top) that let's you disable it

Ok, if possible I'd like to only disable it for certain apps - maybe that can be a feature request(?) Anyways thanks for an awesome app!

If you just want to hide the BTT Touch Bar for certain apps, that's of course possible. The checkbox in the settings will just completely disable the module in BTT, but "soft-disabling" can be achieved like this:

Nice, thank you!