Parallel VM and BTT, specific gesture not working


Ive been using BTT for trackpad gestures for a few weeks and thoroughly enjoying it.
Unfortunately, Ive been encountering issues with Parallel windows VM.

BTT allows me to add gestures to windows programs and, for the most part, they work. I have set up keyboard commands to move between tabs in Visual Studio 2019 and gestures that invoke these keyboard commands. Namely, if I hit CTRL + TAB it goes to the next tab while CTRL + SHIFT + TAB goes to the previous tab. If I hit these keys manually with VS open they work effortlessly. However, when tying them to trackpad gestures, only CTRL + TAB works, whereas the gesture for CTRL + SHIFT + TAB does nothing.

Please help if this is a known issue or if anyone has any suggestions to fix this.

Okay I solved it by changing the CTRL + SHIFT + TAB to CTRL + Q.

My assumption is somewhere on the chain (either BTT or parallel) is interpreting my CTRL + SHIFT as a different keyboard output, messing with the TAB input after CTRL + SHIFT.